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About Figgerits

Figgerits is a fun new word game developed by Hitapps with a twist that has the game still feeling familiar. Even though it's not a crossword puzzle, the game has you feel like you're playing one. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, you'll certainly enjoy Figgerits!

In Figgerits, you are presented an unsolved phrase. Each letter slot is filled with a question mark to let you know that you haven't discovered the letter yet. The goal is to uncover what the phrase says. As you fill out letters, you may get an idea of what a word, or even the entire phrase, is supposed to be.

Below the phrase is a list of hints. These hints could be something like "To become older". Your goal is to guess what the word is. In this case, the answer could be "AGE". Filling out the answer for that hint will fill in the slots all over the hints, and the phrase section, with the same number below the letters you typed in. If you type in "A", and it's correct, and the number below it is "11", it will fill in all slots with the number "11" as "A".

As you slowly solve the hints, the phrase you're trying to solve, as well as other hints, slowly start to complete themselves a bit, making it a easier to solve anything you have yet to solve. Because of this, if you're stuck on a hint, go ahead and skip it and try coming back to it later, as you may be able to get some of the word revealed to help figure it out.

Figgerits is available for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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