Dingbats Answers

About Dingbats and our Answer Tool

Dingbats - Word Trivia is a word-based trivia game where instead of answering questions, you have to determine what phrase is being illustrated. A word might be split in half, sideways, tiny, or any other number of things and you must find out what it's trying to say.

Many of the levels in Dingbats appear to be simple due to how many phrases many people have heard in their lives. However, every once in a while, you come across a level with a phrase you're not familiar with and those can be much harder to solve. That's why we made this tool: to help you get past those levels you may be stuck on.

We have all the Dingbats answers for every level. To use our Dingbats answers tool, simply enter the level you're on above and click the Search Icon or press Enter. We'll bring you to the searched level and you can find the answer there. If it helped you, toss it an upvote so other people know it was helpful. If it was incorrect, throw it a downvote. If you don't see the right answer and you know, you can submit your answer so that other people are able to find the answer as well.

Dingbats is available on iPhone and Android.

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