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About Braindom and our Answer Tool

Braindom is a game by Matchingham Games Limited that tests your brain. Sometimes the game will ask you a question that is incredibly literal while other times it will ask you a question the exact opposite of literal. Your goal is to answer the questions regardless of how they try to trick you. If the game asks you to "Press Key" and shows you a picture of a key, it might be referring to the key on the screen, or it could be literally referring to the word "Key" in the question.

Even though this game can be incredibly confusing, it doesn't leave you completely out to dry. Some versions of brain teasers make you start the whole game over when you get an answer wrong. This game simply shows a red "X" to let you know you got it wrong and you just keep trying until you beat the level. There's no need to feel like you're being rushed.

There are plenty of levels that can turn your brain to mush after having to think about them too long. Our Braindom Answers tool is made to help you get through the levels as fast as possible by simply giving you the answers.

This game's levels are random. As such, we can't simply display level numbers because they're different for everyone. Read below on how to use our tool to find answers.

To use our Braindom help tool, enter either part of a question, or the entire question, exactly as it's spelled in the game. If an answer helped you, be sure to click the up arrow next to it so upvote it so it can help others. If an answer was incorrect or unhelpful, click the down arrow instead so other users know it's a bad answer. If you don't think any answers were helpful or, maybe, there are no answers to a question, feel free to submit your own to help others when they come across the level.

If you haven't downloaded Braindom yet, it's available on iOS here!

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