Word Stacks Answers

About Word Stacks and our Answer Tool

Word Stacks is a new type of word game developed by the same people who brought you Wordscapes. This game lists a bunch of letters on the screen that are stacked in a Tetris-like manner and you are supposed to find words in the letters. When you find a word, the letters all get destroyed. The goal is to destroy all the letters on the screen by finding all the words.

Word Stacks offers you two different power-ups to use throughout the game. One is a hint, which reveals a few letters of the words you haven't found yet. The other power-up shuffles all the letters on the screen to try and give you a new perspective to look at. This can be great when needing a quick vision refresher on the screen.

Instead of using your coins in the game on power-ups, you can instead use our Word Stacks answers finding tool. To use our answer finder, simply enter the level you're on above. We'll tell you all the words that are used for the level that you're on. That way all you have to do is find them!

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