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About Word Domination Cheat

Word Domination is a fast-paced and exciting multiplayer word game. Starting off with 7 letters and a 9x9 spaced board, you need to quickly create a word to make your move before the timer runs out. As well, each game has a limit of 5 turns available. You can play against random people casually or in tournaments.

To make the game more unpredictable, you can use Boosters to improve your score. There are tons of Booster cards to collect that can be used during a turn. These are power-ups like freezing the time limit for 30 seconds, adding 5 random bonus squares to the board, and so much more.

You are only able to bring three Boosters to a game and can only use them once during it. To obtain these cards you can purchase a random one using Gems earned from tournaments and challenges. Another way to surpass your competitors is by using this speedy word finder. It is super easy to use before time runs out and is built with the Word Domination dictionary and point calculations to get the best score.

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