Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories Answers

About Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories and our Answer Tool

Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories is a game by Unico Studios that seeks to test your brain. Unlike other games of its type, this game doesn't just put you in a long line of levels that you complete one after another. Instead, you have several categories of "stories" you get to choose from. Then, you complete levels in order for that story. At any time, you can back out and choose a different story to pursue. Our Brain Test 2 Answers tool is made to assist you in your endeavor to outsmart the game by giving you all the answers to all the levels.

To use our Brain Test 2: Tricky Stories help tool, select the category of levels you're playing and then enter the level number and either press "Enter" or click the Search icon. If an answer helped you, be sure to click the up arrow next to it so upvote it so it can help others. If an answer was incorrect or unhelpful, click the down arrow instead so other users know it's a bad answer. If you don't think any answers were helpful or, maybe, there are no answers to a question, feel free to submit your own to help others when they come across the level.

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