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About Word Blitz Cheat

Word Blitz is a multiplayer word game based off the classic game Boggle. In Word Blitz, you are given 16 letters in a square format. You are then given a time limit to find as many words as you can by connecting the letters that are shown. Each match consists of 3 rounds and the winner is whoever gets the most total points between all 3 rounds.

Word Blitz does a great job at keeping the game as simple as possible. This means no coins, no shops, and no power-ups. The only visible marker for your progress is the number of trophies you have. You get trophies as you win matches and lose trophies as you lose matches. Another player with a high trophy count means they tend to win more of their matches.

To use our Word Blitz cheat word finder tool, simply enter your letters above and press Search. We even offer a Mobile Fast Entry for mobile users to get their letters entered quickly. Then we'll list all the words we could find with your letters and will display a graphic table displaying where the word is played.

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