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About Wordfeud Cheat

Wordfeud is an online multiplayer game where you form words from a set of letters. Each letter has a specific value that generates a total score when the word is completed. The words are to be placed on a board with 30 spaces available.

But when setting down a word, it must be attached to another. To boost points of a word you can play it on a particular spot. These unique spaces have the power to double or triple the score of your words and letters.

For the standard game, these places are organized the same way. However, by changing the option to randomize the board these spaces will be different each time. It is a fun way to switch up the gameplay so that the board is not as balanced.

To get the largest points for a move you can use the Wordfeud cheat. It is the easiest way to find which words are made from an assortment of letters.

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