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Best Starting Words For Wordle

The following words are the best starting words to use in Wordle: OATER, ORATE.

Wordle has a set word list. Certain letters appearing more often in the English dictionary doesn't mean they appear more often in Wordle. The words above are two of the best starting words to use in Wordle due to how often the letters appear in their specific list of words used in the game.

There are 2309 words in Wordle's answer list and of those words, E appears in 1229 words, A appears in 974 words, R appears in 896 words, O appears in 752 words, and T appears in 728 words.

How To Play Wordle

Step 1

Guess any 5-letter word you can think of. It doesn't matter what the word is, but there are some better words to start with, such as words like ORATE that contain multiple letters that are common in all words.

ORATE in the first line.

Step 2

From the results, the letters will change colors. Gray means the letter is not in the word at all. Yellow means that letter is in the word, but you don't have it in the right spot. Green means that letter is in the word and in the correct spot.

ORATE in the first line with a green E.

Step 3

Using the information you've gathered, guess a new word using available letters remaining and letters you know are in the word.

SMILE in the second line with a yellow M, I, and a green E.

Step 4

Repeat the previous steps over and over until you either find the word or run out of guesses.

MINCE in the fourth line with all green letters.

Wordle FAQs

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a super fun, new Word game with a simple objective: find the hidden word. This game could be compared to Hangman, as it's a similar concept, but with a unique twist that makes this much more fun for a majority of people. The game is even played somewhat similarly: you guess words and find out which letters are wrong or right so you can narrow down your answer.

What is the best starting word for Wordle?

The best starting word for Wordle will typically be OATER or ORATE. This is because of the incredibly high frequency of the letters A, E, O, R, and T in the dictionary that Wordle uses. While the answer will likely not be either of these words, you'll get a fairly good idea of what letters are present and what letters are not.

How do I play Wordle?

The concept of Wordle is simple: guess the word. The first word is the hardest due to having no previous hints, so simply guess a 5-letter word of your choosing and see what happens. After that search, you'll be told which letters are not in the word, which letters are in the word but in the wrong spot, and which letters are correct in the right spot. Continue coming up with new words using this information until you guess the final word.

Does Wordle repeat letters?

Yes! There are a few important things to keep an eye out for when it comes to guessing. If you guess L, you may see that it's yellow. This means it's in the word but in the wrong spot. However, it could possibly be in two different spots. If a letter is green, you still may be present in another spot as well.

Is Wordle free?

Yes! Wordle is a free game, run by New York Times, that allows you to play every day with your friends and family. Even though they have not revealed any intention on making the game cost money, there is also no guarantee that it won't cost money in the future.

Does everyone have the same Wordle answer?

Yes! Regardless of where you are in the world, you will be trying to guess the same word as everyone else for the day. This helps create a fun, friendly competition to see who can guess it first, and in less tries.

Should I use this Wordle Cheat tool?

That's up to you! Wordle can be quite difficult some days, and our tool is designed to help you avoid having to stress over whether or not you're going to be able to find the answer. If you want a higher chance (nearly 100%!) of getting the word correct, your tool will help you get there. Otherwise, you can avoid using our tool to try and get find the answer on your own.

About Our Wordle Cheat Tool

Wordle is a trendy new word game that seems to have taken the world by storm. It has become so popular that the New York Times decided to purchase the game from its developer. It's safe to say that if the New York Times is interested in your word puzzle game you developed, you made a good one!

Wordle is a unique word game where you are presented with empty spaces and have to guess the word the game presents you before running out of guesses. Unlike many other games, you are presented with absolutely no information whatsoever for your first guess of the day. This means using words that contain common letters are good first guesses, such as RAISE.

There are plenty of good starting words such as ARISE, AROSE, SOARE, STARE, and TEARS. Each of these words uses letters that are very common in other words as well. Even though it's unlikely that any of these words will be your answer of the day, they'll typically narrow down at least 2 letters for you.

Another unique aspect of Wordle is that it's simply a daily game you play for just a couple of minutes. Instead of focusing on consuming your time all day, or getting you to come back several times a day, it gives you a single word to guess once every 24 hours. This means you can get your brain kickstarted in the morning with a quick match and get right into the rest of your day.

Wordle is a surprisingly fun game to play despite its restriction to one word a day. It has even caused several clones of the game to be created, including versions that let you play as much as you want in a day by presenting you with different words each time. These are great options to look at if you're wanting to spend more of your day wanting to find that new Wordle word.

To play the game, you're presented with empty spots and letters. You put in letters (or rather, a word) to guess. If you get any letters right or wrong, the game will tell you. A letter will also fade altogether if that letter isn't found anywhere in the word, so you know which letters to not try putting anywhere again.

You have a limited number of guesses and often the first guess is the hardest because you have no idea what letters could be present in the word. Don't worry, we're here to help you through the puzzle as easily as possible!

To use our Wordle cheat solver, simply input the letters you know and press search. We'll give you a list of possible words involving the letters you know so far.

We also have the Wordle answer of the day right below our tool toward the top of this page. Today's Wordle answer won't be the same as yesterday's or tomorrow's, so be sure to keep up with the daily change of answers.

If you haven't played Wordle yet, there's a few ways you can play it now. You can head over to this link: Wordle.

More Interesting Stuff About Wordle

  • The creator of Wordle is Josh Wardle, last name being very close to the "Wordle" name itself, somewhat inspiring the name of the game.
  • Wordle was inspired from making a word-based version of the color-matching game, Mastermind.
  • Wordle originally used all possible 5-letter words in the English language. However, Josh's partner, Palak Shah, had difficulty recognizing the less common words, such as ERGOT, and it made the guessing hard. Together, they trimmed down the list of words drastically by determining which words were more common and keeping those ones.
  • The game was simply a finished prototype back in 2014, but Wardle lost interested in the project and set it aside. He recalled his project during the COVID-19 pandemic, fleshing out the design more and adding the limitation of 1 puzzle per day.
  • The "Wordle" app that exists on the App Store is not the same game and has existed before the Wordle people saw from Josh Wardle. The game added a cloned game-mode to properly have what people became to expect when searching the term "Wordle". They still retain their other game modes.
  • Wordle has been cloned by many people, including different variations of the game or simply alternative language support outside of English. There's a crowd-sourced site called Wordles of the World that show just how many clones there are out there. At the time of writing this, there are over 700 versions of the game in over 140 languages!

Other Games Like Wordle

Word Tactics

Word Tactics is a cool new Wordle-like game that levels up that friendly competition just a little bit further. There's been a bit of competition since Wordle first came around in the form of sharing your streak and how long it took to guess the word of the day. This game offers competition in the form of directly playing against someone in real-time and seeing who can guess the word first.

In Word Tactics, you are pitted against another person. One person goes first and makes their guess. If they don't get the word right, the next person gets to see what the previously guessed letters were, as well as which letters are correct, not in the word, or are in the word but in the wrong spot. This means you need to be careful with incorrect guesses because you will reveal more information to your opponent.

This may seem like whoever goes second gets an innate advantage, but there's two main reasons this isn't necessarily true. The first reason is that the game unveils the first letter at the beginning so no one needs to guess it. The second is that a person is highly unlikely to guess a word on their first try. You'll find that this game seems relatively fair overall. The game also plays in multiple rounds, so if you don't go first one round, you'll go first the next.

Another part of Wordle that exists in there is still the aspect where no one guesses correctly. If you and your opponent both fail to guess the word correctly, then no one wins the round and instead, everyone loses.

Word Tactics is available on the iOS App Store.

Our Wordle cheat tool also works with Word Tactics.


Quordle is one of the most popular Wordle-like games that isn't Wordle itself. It's like Wordle, but if you were playing it four times at once. That's right, you have to guess four words instead of one in order to win.

Making sure you understand Wordle itself is important to being successful in this game, so scroll up to see how to play Wordle before trying this game out. Once you've got it down, go ahead and take your first, crazy attempt at this game. Note that you will likely lose your first match, but that's okay! You're learning!

In Quordle, you're trying to guess four words before you run out of guesses. The catch is that the word you guess applies to all four words you're trying to find. Then each section of your screen will display the correct/incorrect letters as Wordle does. Once you guess one of the words, you no longer have to worry about making guesses to account for it.

To make up for this increased difficulty, you do get a few more guesses than the normal amount that Wordle offers, but it's not a lot more guesses, so tread as carefully as possible!

Quordle is available through website access, like Wordle, and you can play it on the Official Quordle Site.

Try using our Wordle cheat tool for this game too, as you might need it more than most of the other Wordle-like games.

Wordle Unlimited

Wordle Unlimited is a super popular version of Wordle for one simple reason: you can play unlimited times! That's right, no longer must you wait an entire day just to play the game you love more. Instead, you can play all day long, if that's what you want to do!

Wordle Unlimited can be played on the offical Wordle Unlimited website. It's a great option for all you Wordle lovers out there who just want to play the game a bit more.

One difference that exists in this game compared to the official Wordle game is the dictionary usage. You can expect to see any words you see in Wordle, but this game has a more extensive dictionary, probably due to being able to play forever. As a result, you will sometimes see words that are less common, even words that you may not know what are. So be prepared!

Another option for the harder words is to use our Wordle cheat solver tool. Just like most other Wordle games out there, you can use our cheat tool to find the answer by eliminating words that couldn't possible be the answer. We also display a list of words for you to see what possible words could work out. That way you can spend a little less time thinking so hard and trying to remember all the words you've ever heard.

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