Molecano Answers

About Molecano and our Answer Tool

Molecano is a brand new type of word puzzle game combining word solving, crosswords, and adventure! In this game, you are a mole exploring different volcanoes.

The goal for each level is to build bridges of words to collect all the food on the board. The tricky part is you have a specific set of letters to create words. And with those words, you have to make sure to correctly build a connecting pathway to all the food.

You can do this by rotating the word and placing it on the board. For the mole to get across, you'll have to connect the words together by intersecting their letters like a Scrabble game.

On some levels, there are also keys and locks. The locks can block the foods you need to get to. So, you have to find a way to get the key first. For a word-connecting game, this new type of gameplay can be a fun yet challenging puzzle for even experienced wordsmiths.

When you get stuck, our Molecano Answers and Solver is the best way to easily find all the possible words to play. Simply type the level's letters in the word finder, then view each word you can use to build toward the food!

To download this game, you can get it either from Google Play or the App Store.

Screenshot of winning a level in Molecano

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