Word Smash Answers

About Word Smash and our Answer Tool

Word Smash is a fun word game where you find words and, when you find them, smash them, or break them, so they fall off the screen and connect the remaining letters. The goal of the game is to find all the words and smash all the blocks until the screen is empty.

Word Smash offers some power-ups in the game to provide an advantage on those levels you may be struggling on, such as revealing some of the letters of some of the words or moving all the letters around so you can see them from a different perspective.

An alternative options to find the answers is to use our answer finding tool. To use our Word Smash answer finder tool, simply enter the level you're on above. We'll tell you all the words that are used for the level that you're on. That way all you have to do is find them!

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