Jumble Answers

About Jumble Answers

Our Jumble word solver was made specifically for this game to get the most accurate answers. It's a super fast and easy way to get help for each puzzle. To start, simply enter the jumbled letters and tap the search button.

The tool will then automatically unscramble them into the word that will fit the puzzle. It works great to complete the daily Jumble for today, tomorrow, and all other days when you don't have the solutions.

The History Behind Jumble

Back in 1954, the classic word game was created by Martin Naydel. And like in the past, it's always featured some type of illustration or comic with a blank phrase to complete it.

To help you find the answer phrase, there are two five-letter words and two six-letter words you can unscramble. Then when they are solved, you take the circled letters from those words and use them to unjumble the phrase.

It's a fun puzzle that has been introduced into hundreds of newspapers for people of all ages to enjoy. In fact, there is even a kids version that shortens the words by one letter to make them easier to unjumble.

There are also different types of the game like the Daily, Crossword, TV, and Sunday version which can be a bit more difficult.

Jumble FAQs

Where can you play Jumble?

The game can be played in many different ways digitally or on paper. With modern technologies, you can play the game with the Just Jumble app from the App Store and Google Play. Plus, it can be played online at many different websites including USA Today, Merriam-Webster, and so much more.

For fans of the classic paper experience, it can be found in over 600 newspapers in the United States and Internationally. Additionally, you can buy the book versions that come in many fun themes.

What is the Jumble Crossword?

Jumble Crossword is a different version of the game where instead of finding an answer phrase to finish a comic, you complete a crossword. So each word you must find is jumbled up in letters with a synonym or description that can help you solve it. Our word finder also works perfectly with this mode when you get stuck.

Who makes the Jumble puzzles?

Since 2014, these puzzles have been created together by game inventors David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek. They both started inventing back in 2000 and have had successful careers in the toy and game business over the years.

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