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About Our Quordle Cheat Tool

Quordle is a fun take on the popular Wordle game that has become so popular. Quordle was developed for one reason: to make a more challenging word puzzle game than Wordle while maintaining exactly what Wordle is. On top of that, the creator has noted that they have no intention of monetizing Quordle as they enjoy the fun nature of the game.

Quordle has been attracting Wordle fans everywhere across social media and can be played on the official Quordle website.

Before explaining Quordle, it's good to know how Wordle works. To play Wordle, you must guess the word within six tries while having no immediate hint as to what your first guess should be. This means having an impactful first word with a good selection of letters can go a long way for you.

Once you make your guess, the game will tell you which letters are not in the word by highlighting them gray, which letters are in the word but in the wrong spot by highlighting them yellow, and which letters are correct and in the right spot by highlighting them green.

Starting with a word such as AUDIO can be great due to the number of vowels in the word to let you know which vowels are in the word you're trying to guess. This can help you quickly narrow down how many possible words the answer could be. In Wordle, you have six guesses to find the word, so you need to make each guess count.

Quordle is just like Wordle and is played mostly the same but there are some important differences. Instead of trying to just guess a single word, you instead need to guess four words at once. This adds a major level of difficulty to the original game and can be great for Wordle enthusiasts.

One challenge of Quordle is that you guess one single word and it checks that word against all four words you have to find. This means the E in RAISE might be in the first two words in the wrong spot, the correct spot in the third word, but not present at all in the fourth word.

Another challenge is that despite needing to find four words, you only have nine guesses. This is an increase over the original six guesses from Wordle, but only three more despite needing to find three more words. This means you need to make sure your guesses are as good as possible, so you really need to put thought into them.

The upside is once you find a word, you no longer need to narrow it down for that word. So if you guess CANOE and it's the correct answer for the second word, you only need to focus on the first, third, and fourth words from there on out.

To ease the tension of this game, even if only slightly, we made this Quordle solver to help give you answers to what a word might possibly be. If you're wanting to narrow down the first word, just input what letters you know are in the right spot, what letters aren't in the word, and what letters are in the word in the wrong spot and we'll let you know possible answers.

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