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About Word Wars Cheat

Word Wars is a turn-based multiplayer word game that pits you against your friends. The game gives you 7 letters and a 15x15 board so that you can create long, extravagant words to rake in the most points. If you're feeling like testing waters, there's also a robot you can play against instead.

Word Wars offers quests in the game which are like achievements. These give you goals to strive for as you play the game instead of just simply playing to play. As you complete these quests, you'll get coins as a reward which can be spent on powers that can give you a slight edge in the game, such as swapping your letters for new ones.

Using our word finding tool, we can ensure that you get the best words to play with the hand you've been dealt. Instead of sitting there trying to think of words yourself, simply input your letters above and we'll tell you what words you can make with those letters. If you're trying to connect to existing letters on the board, be sure to check out the advanced options and will out the other fields available.

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