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Tip: Go into your settings and change "Word feedback" to "Correct" to let you know when a word is correct.

About Knotwords and our Knotwords Cheat Tool

Knotwords is a fun new crossword-like puzzle game. It's somewhat like Sudoku but with words instead of numbers. Playing words side by side and making sure that words remain valid can be quite the challenge. It's a great game to play in place of, or in addition to, the trendy game Wordle!

Unlike many other games, Knotwords is not always the easiest game. In fact, it can sometimes be quite difficult. You are presented a board similar to that of a crossword puzzle, except most horizontal and vertical words are directly connected to each other. So instead of needing to just find a word, you need to make sure the opposite direction words are still valid words. This adds a fun amount of difficulty to a word-genre game that you might not typically expect.

Another hard part about this game is that you aren't just given hints for every word like a typical crossword. You're able to use hints, but they're limited and not always the most helpful. Not having hints mean you just have open spaces with letters to choose from and you need to see if you can make a word, and make sure that word is valid, for the space available.

One upside is you have given 1 hint every time you beat a level, up to a maximum of 3 able to be held at once. You can use this hint to help you find a single word to start with on each level, substantially reducing the difficulty of completing the rest of the puzzle. So use this hint wisely! It can be good to try and use the hint on a longer word.

Knotwords offers the game in a few different ways. There's the Puzzlebook, which changes every month, and offers Standard and Tricky puzzles. The gameplay for those modes is as described above already. Then there's the Daily Classic and Daily Twist modes. The Daily Classic is the regular game mode with today's date slapped on it. Everyone who plays that day's puzzle has the same answers for it. You can have friendly competitions with people you know to see who can solve the puzzle the fastest.

The Daily Twist mode has a slight "twist" (full pun intended) on the typical gameplay. You see remnants of those pixel art games that have numbers on the edge so you know how many spots have to be filled vs. missed, except in this game, the number represents the number of vowels in the word going that direction. It's a super fun twist on the original gameplay.

Knotwords is available on multiple platforms. You can download the game for free on the App Store or Google Play Store, or you purchase it on Steam. The price of the game on Steam is the same price as unlocking the full version on the mobile version. You can also find information about the game on Noodlecake's official website.

The game has plenty available for free, but you should definitely consinder purchasing the full game to play all the different modes they have available.

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