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About Word Chums Cheat

Word Chums is a creative turn-based multiplayer word game by Peoplefun that you can play against your friends, strangers, or Chum Bots (a robot AI). There's even a cool mode that lets you play 3-4 players instead of just 1 on 1. This mode allows you to not just compete against 1 friend, but up to 3 friends at once. Group matches can let you truly see who comes out on top! Word Chums even lets you customize your own Chum Character, an avatar that is seen by other players.

When you start a match, you will be given 7 letters and a 15x15 board to play on and the goal is to create the words worth the most points with the letters you've been given. After several rounds, a winner is eventually determined by who scored the most points. As you play the game, you'll receive both experience, which levels you up, and coins, which can be spent in the store for a variety of things such as accessories for your Chum Character or boosts to help you in your matches.

Want to know how to cheat on Word Chums? It's easy! Using our Word Chums cheat word finder tool, we can give you a list of all the best words you can play with the letters you've been given. There's no need to waste time trying to come up with the words yourself when we can provide that for you. Input the letters you have on your rack in the box above and we can tell you what words to make with it. You can also click "Advanced Options" and fill in the Starts With, Contains, or Ends With fields to account for letters on the board you may be trying to connect to.

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