Wordus Solver

About Our Wordus Cheat Tool

Wordus is a new word game on iOS and Android heavily inspired by the popular new game Wordle. Try and find the final word within a limited number of guesses.

Playing the game is identical to Wordle. You will be presented with empty spots and a keyboard of letters. Simply type in a word and search.

If you have letters that aren't in the right word, they'll be greyed out. If they are in the word but in the wrong spot, they'll be highlighted yellow. If they're in the right word and in the right spot, they'll be highlighted green.

Using this coloring, you are able to find the word by narrowing down what letters are and are not in the word you're looking for. Sometimes you can even find it in as little as 2 guesses if you're lucky!

There are some default strategies that can be used in this game, such as starting with the guessing of the word RAISE, due to how many words in the English language contain one or multiple of the letters in this word.

Another option is to use our tool and we'll compare what you know against our dictionary to try and solve the puzzle for you faster.

To use our tool, you'll want to have made enough guesses to have at least one correct letter. Once you have that, simply input the letters you know and press search. We'll give you a list of possible words involving the letters you know so far.

Be sure to also try using our extra options, such as what letters are and are not in the word you're looking for. This will help narrow down the answer exponentially faster.

If you haven't played Wordus yet, head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download it today!

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